Beneath this book’s constantly breezy veneer–there are laughs to be had in everything from the chapter titles to the always-funny replications of old photos, handwritten notes, and diary entries–there’s a real streak of poignancy that springs from the eternal human need to find a significant other, and what happens to the soul when the search seems like it might stretch on forever.

Soren Narnia, author of A Listing of the Holdings of the National Museum of Romance and Sketch of a Bird in Flight

A sociological bird’s-eye view that captures the peculiar awkwardness of Mormon adolescence and mating games . . . easy, enjoyable, heartfelt . . . a must-read for every Mormon male looking for a mate.

Chris Webber, Worlds Without End Mormon Studies Roundtable

Informative, wistful, sad, downright weird and scattered in places; but always unputdownably funny.

Benjamin Crompton, author of Hench

As a window into modern-day Mormonism and Mormon identity, Diary of a Single Mormon Female has much to offer readers who aren’t Mormon.

Scott Hales, Modern Mormon Men

Diary of a Single Mormon Female is a deeply affecting, heartfelt memoir told with humor, good grace, and remarkable candor. The author is a gifted storyteller and very, very funny. Highly recommended.

Stephen Clarke, Amazon reviewer

If you are a single Mormon female, you will probably relate with the author on many pages. At some moments you will know exactly how that felt because you have been in the same situation. And then the wonderful truth will dawn on you: you are not alone!!! You might be surrounded by happy couples and families but somewhere out there someone else is struggling in the same way you are!

Andrea Ewert, Amazon reviewer

Diary of a Single Mormon Female invites the reader, as a BFF in intimate fashion, to share in her social dilemmas and quest for wholeness in earnest. Aleesa’s genuine story makes for an insightfully delightful, often humorous, but poignant read, from the quirkiness of adolescence to her bold travels and adventures through Europe. Her story will resonate with any reader, male or female, who has experienced the single scene for far longer than they ever expected.

 Paul Hubenthal, Amazon reviewer

Completely enjoyable and heart wrenching as well.

Shannon Patty, Amazon reviewer